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My name is Jessica. I am a dedicated, experienced and Accredited Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist MNCPS (Acc.).

The thought of starting therapy can feel daunting, perhaps this is why it may seem easier to keep struggling and waiting in the hope that things will change. Something within you led you to take this first step to find a therapist and I welcome the opportunity to assist as you identify your individual needs, taking one step at a time to make the changes you want at a pace that suits you.

I offer a safe and nurturing space where you can confidentially explore your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement. Self-awareness can lead to new freedom and greater self-acceptance, but as with anything, the journey can be both enlightening and challenging at times. I believe that building a therapeutic relationship is key in supporting growth and change, enabling us to connect and work at relational depth.

Whilst human beings hold similarities in that we all have needs that require to be fulfilled, I also acknowledge that all of us are unique and therefore each of our needs are individual as are our life experiences, relationships, coping mechanisms and responses. My Integrative training allows me to draw knowledge from various modalities, enabling me to adapt my approach to you.

As an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor my goal is to provide a space dedicated to you where collaboratively we will begin a journey of healing; promoting your wellbeing and future goals with shared understanding, equipping you with techniques you can continue to use long after our sessions finish. Together we will explore your difficulties and celebrate your growth.  

Professional experience includes but is not limited to: Abortion, Addiction, Anger Management, Anxiety, Affairs & betrayal, Abuse (Mental, Physical, Sexual, Financial), Bereavement, Burnout, Cancer, Childbirth, Depression, Domestic Abuse, Family Issues, Fertility, Identity, Illness, Life Transitions, Loneliness, Loss & Grief, Low Self Esteem, Menopause, Mental Health, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Attacks, Parenting, Personality Disorders, Post-Partum, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Pregnancy, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Self-Harm, Sex Problems, Stress, Trauma.

Training: FdA Degree in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, Diploma in Integrative Counselling, Safeguarding adults & children, Suffolk Domestic Abuse champion, proudly an Accredited member of The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society. As a member of the NCPS Professional organisation I am bound by its code of ethics and practice, attending regular supervision to ensure continued professional development and undertaking various CPD training courses to ensure best practice is always maintained. 

Willow Branch

The Willow Branch symbolises new life; A fallen branch replanted with a little nurture can grow into a new tree. Just like people, this powerful branch can grow, survive and thrive even in the most challenging conditions. A Willow tree's limber and supple nature allows it to bend with any weather, enabling it to be flexible and to withstand hardship, which feels symbolic of humans capacity to withstand the difficulties and changes experienced throughout their lives.

The mighty Willow tree and its beautiful branches are inspiring survivors who have learnt to move and grow with the unpredictable and unknown weather that surrounds them. Much like the Willow tree, we too can learn to weather life’s hardships and thrive; learning along the way to increase self-awareness, work towards self-acceptance and gain inner peace, moving like a Willow Branch, grounded yet free.

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